Light up the Night is 9/5 (rain date is 9/6) from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Here are the towers that are participating - The first 5 are in the Catskills, the rest are in other areas of the State. The links take you to a view shed for each tower. Towers with a YES are participating. The rest have participated in past years and are still TBD.

Tremper - YES
Red Hill - YES
Balsam Lake - YES
Hunter - YES
Overlook - YES

Wakely - YES
Poke O Moonshine - YES
Stissing - YES
St. Regis - YES
Goodnow - YES
Bald Mt - YES
Stillwater - YES
Woodhull - YES
Spruce - YES
Adams - YES
Hurricane - YES
Vanderwhacker - YES
Pillsbury - YES
Randall (fka Swancutt) - YES
Blue Mountain Lake - YES
Belfry - YES
Hadley - YES
Azure - YES
Cathedral Rock - YES

Sterling Forest

The perfect local, social distancing event! This event is truly a great opportunity for you to promote fire towers and their special connection to the community. This event is the brain child of Doug Hamilton of the Red Hill Fire Tower Committee. The idea is to light the fire tower with a high powered light on a specific date, put lots of press releases in the local paper about the time when this would occur and invite people to go to locations around the community where they could look up, see the light on the horizon and remember that there was a fire tower there watching over and protecting the community and surrounding forest. This year the event will occur on Saturday, September 5th from 9:00pm to 9:30 pm. Rain date will be Sunday, September 6th at the same times.

This event will occur under the following guidelines:

a - Remember this is NOT a hiking event so this is perfect for social distancing. It is a fire tower promotional event.

b - Please reach out to your local newspapers with locations that the fire tower will be visible from. Encourage people to drive or hike to those locations while maintaining social distancing and look up at 9:00pm to see that strange light shining!

c - Choose a fire tower you would like to light and coordinate with the local group there. If you are in doubt about who to contact, let me know and I will point you to the right person(s).

d - Let me know of your participation so it can be publicized.

e - Choose your Illuminator and the type of light you will use.

f - Choose one or two persons who will accompany the Illuminator for safety purposes and be certain the group is willing to either practice social distancing, belongs to the same family group, or wears a mask when not 6 feet apart for the hike and the event. Additionally, please make sure everyone has the proper gear for a night hike including enough head lamps.

g - Please light the lamp for the specified period of 9:00pm to 9:30 pm.

h - Due to Covid 19, we recommend that all wear a mask while on the tower, practice social distancing and sanitize well before and after being on the tower. You can light the light from the upper landing if you feel more comfortable doing so.

i - Deadline for participation is 10 days prior to the event - August 25th - so that press releases can go out. No tower will be accepted for participation after August 25th.

j - Please report back to me after the lighting event so we know that all are off the mountain safely and please consider sharing pictures with us too!

Press Release