This event is truly a great opportunity for you to promote fire towers and their special connection to the community. This event is the brain child of Doug Hamilton of the Red Hill Fire Tower Committee. The idea is to light the fire tower with a high powered light on a specific date, put lots of press releases in the local paper about the time when this would occur and invite people to go to locations around the community where they could look up, see the light on the horizon and remember that there was a fire tower there watching over and protecting the community and surrounding forest. For 2023, the event will occur on Saturday, September 2nd from 9:00pm to 9:30 pm. Rain date will be Sunday, September 3rd at the same time.

This event will occur under the following guidelines:

Here are the towers that are participating - The first set are in the Catskills or Hudson Valley, the rest are in other areas of the State. Towers with a 'Y' are participating. Viewing Sites: You can use the links below to see locations that can be seen from that fire tower. If you 'reverse' this, you may be able to go to any of those places and see the fire tower light come on. Additionally, we have heard from some of our Illuminators about other sites where fire towers may be visible. They are listed briefly below.

Come back later for details.

    Press Release