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Pictures and Memorabilia

Unless otherwise noted, these pictures are courtesy of Mark Haughwout.

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FFLA conference in Phoenicia, NY c. 1992

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Star Trails over Balsam Lake Tower by Garth Battista


1960's The Monster at Slide Tower


1960's The Monster at Slide Tower b


1960's The Monster at Slide Tower c


1960's The Monster at Slide Tower d


1950's Slide picnic


1950's Slide


1950's view from Slide


Aaron Vandebogart, Joe Stedner, Frank Borden, Byron Hill, Harry Baldwin, John Baldwin, John Behrens (Radio Technician, Airport Forest Ranger, Orange Co. Airport), Larry Baker, Bill Susdorf, Reavis 'Sam' Sennett, Photo courtesy of Bill Johns


Ampersand Map - Courtesy Heidi Jordan


Ampersand Observer Allan Jordan - Courtesy Heidi Jordan


Bruce Kunz, Jerico the donkey, George Tindall, Observer - Photo courtesy of Bill Tindall


Ellenville Highpoint tower survey, Joe Stedner in jeep, Pete Fish, Jerry Rider, Harry Barkley 1970 courtesy of Bill Johnson


George Tindall - Kempshall Observer - payroll records courtesy of Bill Tindall


Kempshall Courtesy Bill Tindall, Wesley Stoffle, George Tindall


Kempshall fire tower Observer George Tindall courtesy Bill Tindall


Kempshall fire tower Observer George Tindall courtesy Bill Tindall


Observer George Tindall and bobcat courtesy Bill Tindall


Slide Mountain tower courtesy of Bill Johnson


Summit of Slide Mt. 1971 courtesy of Bill Johnson


Salmon Lake 1974


T Lake Mt 1934


1954 Prospect Fire Tower courtesy Richard Horn B&W photo by Crown Graphic 4X5 camera


Tomany 1970 looking east B Slade collection