Bald (Rondaxe) Photos From Paul Hartmann

1917-rondaxe mt tower

1930-Bald-rondaxe mt tower&cabin

bald (rondaxe) mt cabin-1920.21

bald (rondaxe) mt cabin-1987-dr hartmann(marty hanna)

bald (rondaxe) mt cabin-baby diane evans(jenny evans)

bald (rondaxe) mt leanto-pcard-1950s-2(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt not beaver lake

bald (rondaxe) mt observer-bob evans & baby(jenny evans)

bald (rondaxe) mt observer-harriet rega(webb hist society)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-01(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-02(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-03(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-04(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-05(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-06(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-07(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-08(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-09(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-10(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-11(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-12-1940s-1(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-13-1930c.(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-14-1940s-3(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-15-1940s-2(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-16-1940s-3(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-17-1950s-1(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-18-1940s-4(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-19-1950s-3(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-20-1903-signal tower(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-21-1907-signal tower(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-22a-1910s-wardens camp1(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-22b-1910s-wardens camp2(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt pcard-22c-1910s-wardens camp3(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt signal tower pcard-1907(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt signal tower-1912c.(webb hist society)

bald (rondaxe) mt signal twr-1903(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt signal twr-1907(ph)

Bald (Rondaxe) Mt Tower- (0)

Bald (Rondaxe) Mt Tower- (1)

Bald (Rondaxe) Mt Tower- (3)

Bald (Rondaxe) Mt Tower- (7)

Bald (Rondaxe) Mt Tower- (8)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-1912-2(unknown)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-1950(unknown)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-1987-1(marty hanna)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-1987-2(marty hanna)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2001(ann spaziano)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2002-1(paul laskey)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2002-2(paul laskey)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2002(warren johnsen)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-1(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-10 helio(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-11 helio(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-3(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-4-bob & warren

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-4(warren johnsen)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-5(warren johnsen)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-6(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-7(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-8(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt tower-2004-9(bob eckler)

bald (rondaxe) mt wardens camp 1-pcard-1910s-(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt wardens camp 2-pcard-1910s-(ph)

bald (rondaxe) mt wardens camp 3-pcard-1910s-(ph)

bald nt

Bill Starr and Bruce Butters in Rondaxe fire tower 6-18-05 by Bob Eckler

IMG_0003 (2)

Rondaxe 6-18-05 three observers (sm)

Rondaxe dedication 6-18-05 (2)

Rondaxe Mt 1920.21 Obs and Cabin.

Rondaxe Mt color postcard circa 1943

Rondaxe Mt Restoration Chopper Drop Oct 2004 by Bob Eckler

Rondaxe Mt restoration dedication 6-18-05

Rondaxe Mt Shelter March 1974 by Bob Eckler

Rondaxe Mt Storm Shelter in 1987 & Dist Ranger Paul Hartmann by M Hanna

Rondaxe Mt tower Dist Rgr Marty Hanna in forground

Rondaxe Mtn panorama 1912

Rondaxe Mtn storm shelter cabin (1) Aug 1991 by Mark Haughwout

Rondaxe Mtn storm shelter cabin (2) Aug 1991 by Mark Haughwout