Calendar of Events for 2024

May 11, 2024: Folks from the Adirondack High Peaks Foundation will be hauling a new Interpretive sign to the summit of Mt. Adams to be installed on the first landing. The sign is a very high quality, graffiti resistant type utilized at National Parks and in the same design as the other signs recently installed by the Open Space Institute around the Upper Work area. Departure time is 7:30 am. If you can lend a hand please reach out to ADK High Peaks. For more information, Click here

June 1, 2024: Join us as we celebrate National Trails Day by doing our annual Trail Work at Stillwater Fire Tower trail.

June 15 or 16: We will be doing our annual trail work at Lyon Mt. Fire Tower trail, perfectly timed for the lady slipper bloom! We will choose the best weather day.

July 13 and 14: We will be doing some repairs at Snowy Mt. Fire Tower which will require not only a long hike, but we will need to carry fencing materials and tools to repair the safety fencing on the fire tower. Can you lend us a hand please?

July 15 -18: Pillsbury Fire Tower has one small detail left in our work, stapling the fencing. Would you be willing to take a hike up with a hammer and help us finish this work please? We will choose the best weather day and the least buggy day from these dates.

September 21 or 22: Lyon Mt. Knowing that snow comes early to this spectacular mountain, we will try to get our fall trail work done before its arrival. We will choose the best weather day with the best views from these two days.

For all of the above contact Laurie Rankin to get involved